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1) What's the first thing we should do to prepare? It's all so overwhelming.

A. All our clients need to do is go through their loved one's home and remove the things that are the most sentimental to the family and items that the family would want to keep. We will then come in and go through everything, price each and every thing, and stage the home for a three-day sale. Be sure not to throw items away that you may feel useless, as you will be amazed what people will buy. 

2) What happens at the end of the sale with the items remaining?

A. Unfortunately, there will be items that won't sell. At the end of the day on Sunday, we always encourage our clients to come through and choose any items they would not like to donate. We will make an itemized list of the remaining items, bag and box everything, and have a charity of your choosing come pick up the items. The home will be completely empty when we finish, and our clients will be given the itemized list and the donation receipt for their taxes.

3) How long before we get our money?

A. We will prepare a very detailed itemization of each sale; i.e., ticket number, items sold, price (separating tax out as we must send that to the State of Texas each month). Within 10-15 days, we will meet with our clients, explaining our detailed list, providing copies of the advertising run and the detailed listing of donated items, and a check for the proceeds.

4) Can you provide references?

A. References are always willingly provided to prospective clients. We feel that we go the extra mile and want our clients feeling comfortable with choosing us to help them through an emotional time.